Why You Need Keyless Entry for Your North Fork Vacation Rental

Why You Need Keyless Entry for Your North Fork Vacation Rental
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One of the easiest smart technologies you can add to your home is a keyless entry. With so many options out there, this simple-to-install device eliminates the need for keys to your home. There are a number of benefits for you, your Long Island vacation rental, and your guests.

No need to worry about keys: Send your guests a code, rather than arranging to hand them keys. You also never have to worry about guests losing keys. If you have a lot of turnover in your vacation rental, that one extra step can add a lot of time and anxiety.

Auto-locking for extra security: While the North Fork of Long Island is very safe, you still don’t want to worry about a guest forgetting to lock up while they’re away. Most smart locks and keypads are capable of automatically locking after a minute or two. Keep your vacation home extra secure while you’re not there.

Limit access for your guests to only their stay: You want to give your guests easy access while they’re staying, but certainly not after they check out. With keyless entry, simply reset the code between guests. Your property manager can take care of this as part of check-in and check-out services.

Easy access for all your vendors: Cleaning services, your handyman, and your vacation rental property manager will all need access from time to time. Many keyless locks allow multiple codes, each can have their own (without you having to share yours). And many smart locks allow code scheduling, in case you only want to give your cleaning service access at certain times. You can also assign one-time codes for a single visit.

There are two main types of keyless entry locks – traditional keypads and smart locks. Traditional keypads allow you to easily change codes between guests and ditch the keys. They are usually cheaper and easier to install, but codes must be changed from the lock itself. Your property manager can handle this, so you don’t have to be on site for each check out.

Smart locks provide even more robust features, especially the ability to set codes right from your phone. Let PMI Eastern Long Island manage your vacation rental, and setting up and managing your keyless entry are just the start of the services we provide. Contact us today for more information.