When and How to Reopen Amenities in your East End HOA

When and How to Reopen Amenities in your East End HOA
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It’s springtime on Long Island, and everyone is looking forward to enjoying their communities’ amenities. And with your amenities likely closed last year due to COVID-19, reopening could provide a nice boost to your residents’ wellbeing. But safety is still the most important concern for any HOA board.

Your first step should be to consult local, Suffolk County, and New York State laws and regulations. You can also consult COVID-19 guidance from the CDC and Community Associations Institute (CAI). But here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Communicate rules clearly – Make sure your whole community is on the same page when it comes to rules for your amenities. Whether it’s mask requirements, limited capacity, or anything else, it’s important to share the rules broadly and over-communicate. A full-service community management company can help make sure your residents are aware of everything they need to know.

  2. Allow space for social distancing – By now, everyone is used to keeping 6 feet of distance. Make sure your amenities are set up appropriately. Adjust your space layout, remove unnecessary furniture and mark safe distances for standing.

  3. Clean more frequently – Your old cleaning routine might not be enough in the era of COVID-19. Your community manager can coordinate with your cleaning company to ensure your practices are up to the latest standard.

  4. Provide hand sanitizer – Installing hand sanitizer dispensers across all common areas is a great investment in your community’s health and safety.

  5. Consider an amenity booking system – If limiting capacity is a concern, a booking system can help ensure all residents have a chance to enjoy amenities without overcrowding.

It’s important to work with your community to decide when the time is right to start to reopen. Whatever your plans are, PMI Eastern Long Island can help implement them and keep your association running smoothly. Contact us today to request a quote.