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“Walking the Wall”: Inspecting Your Long Island Rental Before Each Guest

“Walking the Wall”: Inspecting Your Long Island Rental Before Each Guest

Before each new guest checks in to your East End vacation rental, it’s important to ensure your property is worthy of a 5 star review. At PMI Eastern Long Island, we utilize an inspection process called “Walk the Wall”.

Walking the wall is essentially just that.  We start at the front door and check all aspects of the house, following the wall until we exit. This ensures no detail is missed, and every room of your vacation home is in pristine condition before your guests arrive.

Here are just some of things that typically go unnoticed (especially by cleaning services) that help your North Fork vacation property stand out:

Living room:  Make sure all curtains and blinds are straight and all couch pillows are set property.  The furniture should be in the same position each time. We also check the fireplace and the TV to ensure they are working.  

Dining room:  All chairs should be straight and the bottoms of the chairs are clean; pictures on the wall must also be straight.

Bedrooms:  All beds must be made properly, blinds are set, and all pictures are hanging properly.  Each bedroom is handled the same way.

Bathrooms:  These are the first rooms your guests will notice if not cleaned properly.  All need fresh hand towels, bath towels and washcloths.  Toilet paper must be replenished, with spare toilet paper in each bathroom. Hand soaps should be filled, and the toilet seat cover should be down.

Kitchen: There should be clean dish towels and oven mitts. Paper towels and dish soap must be available.  All cabinets should be properly wiped down. Pots and pans must be clean and straightened up, along with the utensils draws.

Outdoors: The grill (if you have one, and you should) is checked for gas and confirmed cleaned.  Outdoor furniture should be set up properly. The garbage must be properly stored in outside containers, and the yard should be free of garbage and pet waste. There needs to be oil, gas and/or propane for the house.

As your property manager performs each room check, every door knob, light switch, remote, welcome book, etc. are cleaned with antibacterial wipes. When we exit the house every check point has been checked.

Why is this necessary if the cleaners have been in the house?  Every cleaning team cleans slightly differently.  Walking the wall ensures the property is in consistent condition and nothing was missed before your guests arrive.

If you can’t inspect your home before every guest (or simply don’t want to), trust PMI Eastern Long Island to ensure your house will be ready and perfect for the experience of the guests. Contact us today for more information.